Lifestyle Lessons

Lifestyle courses give you the opportunity to enhance yourself in an interactive, fun and practical way. Our Lifestyle courses span many areas of learning, from photography and music to arts and crafts and skilled trades. These short free courses will help you create and nurture a rewarding lifestyle, bringing your hobbies and creative ideas to a new level and giving you a really fulfilling learning experience.

Whether you’re learning for fun, want a new life skill to add to your CV, or are strengthening your current skill set, these Lifestyle courses can benefit both your personal and professional life. Awaken your creative side with our free Graphic Design courses or Music classes, or advance your talent for skilled trades, with Carpentry courses and Plumbing lessons, or perhaps start a new hobby with our beginner to advanced level Digital Photography courses. These are skills, hobbies, and trades that can make life more interesting, make you more capable, and just open the door to new and interesting avenues. Who knows where that will lead? So, no matter what your area of interest, have a look through the courses, and see where it takes you.

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