Customer Services Specialist

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Course Content Outcomes

Introduction to Customer Service

The Three Key Elements

  • Expand Your Definition of Service
  • Who are Your Customers?
  • Develop a Customer Friendly Approach
  • What Customer Service Means
  • Professional Qualities in Customer Service
  • Customer Service Qualities
  • Customer Service = Accountability + Delivery
  • Good Information is Often Good Service

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This is the course intro and content for Customer Service Internationally Accredited Certification:

Duration 3 Days

Good customer service skills can brighten both your customers’ day and yours! If you can learn customer service skills it not only gives you a bit of confidence from the sense of a job well done, but can also be the difference between career development and a career in slump. You would be surprised how many people lack this vital ability. This course aims to ensure you are not one of them!


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